24th October 11.30 am. "Ancient Trade and Navigation in the Fourni Archipelago, Greece" : Peter Campbell

Clustered around a small Greek archipelago is the largest concentration of shipwrecks in the Aegean Sea. Fourni is a small collection of islands near the large islands of Ikaria and Samos. Over the last three years, archaeologists have found over 50 shipwrecks dating from the 7th century BC through the Early Modern Period. The islands were never home to any large settlements, instead the shipwrecks are an indication of their navigational importance. The archipelago is located along arterial trade routes that connected the Black Sea and North Aegean to Cyprus, the Levant, and Egypt. Ongoing research is still determining the extent of the underwater cultural heritage in the islands. Overlooked until recently, Fourni is revealing a wealth of information on ancient navigation and trade.

Dr. Peter B. Campbell is an underwater archaeologist who researches shipwrecks,

sunken cities, and underwater caves. His PhD in Archaeology is from the

University of Southampton. Peter is currently a postdoctoral fellow at the British

School at Rome and a research associate RPM Nautical Foundation. He has

worked on shipwrecks such as Vasa, HL Hunley, Queen Anne's Revenge, Wawona,

and the sunken city of Pavlopetri. He has directed research and educational

programs in six countries. His Op Ed pieces have appeared in the New York

Times, Discovery News, and Bloomberg, and he is a permanent contributor to

the Guardian's The Past and the Curious



11.30 am The Cutty Sark Pub just five minutes east of the Naval College,

4-6 Ballast Quay
SE10 9PD



£12 for the lecture or £10 for London Historians and past attendees plus the

cost of the light lunch / bar snacks afterwards

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