9th November 11.30 am. '"The Sunken City of Naukratis", Recent discoveries at an International port in ancient Egypt' : Dr Ross Iain Thomas, Curator, Dept. Greece and Rome, The British Museum


  • Naukratis was the Mediterranean port of Egypt from its founding c.620BC until the construction of Alexandria by Kleomenes of Naukratis, on behalf of Alexander the Great. Long after the construction of Alexandria, Naukratis remained an important city, boasting the oldest Greek sanctuaries in Egypt and an impressive industrial centre and river port on the main transport route to Memphis from the Mediterranean, along the Canopic branch of the Nile. This presentation will focus on the most recent discoveries by the British Museum fieldwork project in Naukratis and our attempts to reconstruct the city and understand its inhabitants.

  • Ross Thomas is a  Curator at the British Museum and previously was Project Curator for the Naukratis project Directed by Alexandra Villing. One of his roles was Directing new fieldwork at Naukratis, Egypt. He has been a contributor for the Sunken cities exhibition which details some recent results. Indeed their excavations were the subject of a CNN documentary on inside Africa surrounding the press for the exhibition.



11.30 am The Cutty Sark Pub just five minutes east of the Naval College,

4-6 Ballast Quay
SE10 9PD



£12 for the lecture or £10 for London Historians and past attendees plus the cost of the light lunch / bar snacks afterwards

Numbers are strictly limited so please book early.