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East India Room Artefacts introduced by Dr John McAleer

Wednesday 14th October 2015 at 11am

Dr John McAleer is a past curator of the Museum and an eminent historian and following his words of introduction to this unique collection he will lead a tour of the artefacts of the East India Company at the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich…a lecture in motion.

©National Maritime Museum

One of the important artefacts that Dr McAleer will highlight is the figurehead of the HMS Seringapatam which is believed to depict Tipu Sultan. He will go on to show how important Naval Shipbuilding in India was under the direction of Janetjee Bomanjee Wadia.

One of the most overlooked objects in the museum’s collection is its location; right beside the Thames and at the fulcrum of British Maritime endeavour. The museum is also at the heart of longitude. After the lecture we shall walk to a local inn and those who want can partake of a light lunch and discuss what’s been talked about.

This is the second of six talks, walks and trips theming the history of Old Father Thames and delivered by eminent academics from iconic Thames locations such as Prospect of Whitby, Cutty Sark Pub, the Trafalgar Inn and, of course, the National Maritime Museum. Some of these talks will be delivered online to a virtual audience, so please register your interest.

Dr McAleer’s talk will have to be limited to about 20 people so please register your interest early through Nick Hawker’s website or give him a ring on +44 7768 533871


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